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Ok so remember close to two months ago when we announced our new book club??

Well, the first book chosen was Pyschos by Babe Walker.

I am now finished and want to share a little fun, self-deprecating recap!!

I didn’t realize this until after beginning the book, but this was the follow up “memoir” from Babe’s first book, “White Girl Problems.”

After reading Psychos, I’m so down to read the first book very soon! (I have a few in between I need to get to first though..)

Basically, I’m not going to do a full on book recap because A- I don’t want to ruin it for you if you’re still reading and B- you can google the plot if you really want to (highly recommend reading though). ;)

I’m just going to reflect on one of my favorite themes throughout the book, the use of Babe’s alter ego “Babette.”

I freaking LOVE Babette.

Now, at first, when Babette was introduced in the book I was like WTF…. Why? So dumb/kind of annoying/over the top. But the more Babette showed up, and the more she described Babette’s behaviors I couldn’t help but dive right in to Babette’s crazy/hilarious ways. The truth is, every girl I know has a Babette side to her personality, and it doesn’t necessarily take a “Roberto” to bring Babette out.

If you’re totally playing catch up with WTF I’m talking about right now, let me just clue you in. Babette is Babe’s crazy alter ego that she snaps into when she’s around her on again/off again BF Robert.  He makes her crazy because she loves him so much, so she occasionally freaks the F out on him and does crazy ish that can only be described as the work of Babette.

I laugh/love this because women do this a lot.. We can be the sweetest, most calm, understanding, loving, nurturing women ever, and when we are pissed (for whatever the reason) flip the F out.  I blame this on many things, but my personal fave is hormones, because that sh*t is REAL.  Men have a hard time understanding hormones because they don’t have a menstrual cycle that brings their hormone levels up and down on a daily/monthly basis (TMI? IDC.) Want more info on this complex cycle? I LOVE this article from Woman’s Day explaining the different hormone levels throughout women’s cycles and what those hormones produce.

Anywho- Babette is hilarious, and I love how real the book gets (even though it’s fiction.) I could hardly complete a chapter without seriously laughing out loud and taking a moment to digest Babe’s hilarious observations. This is a must read for the girl who wants to get real with herself.

I will be announcing the next book next week! LMK if you want to join in on the fun!!

Have a great weekend!!




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