Happy Thursday!!!

How is everybody doing on their January Challenge?! Personally, the daily gratitude thing has been great for me so far. It challenges me to take a moment in my day to just appreciate something or someone, and with so many blessings to choose from, it’s often a challenge to just pick one.

Don’t forget to send me some of your daily thanks (send here), I’ll be sharing some of my favorites at the end of January!

And now………. this week’s top five!

1. Victoria’s Secret Angel Sport Bra


There’s something about putting on  some hawt active wear that really gets me in the mood to well, get active! It’s totally true, half the battle is getting to the gym, so throw on a stylish fit, and get to steppin’.

Buy here.

2. Alice + Olivia Silk Dress


Nothing says, I love you like a silk and metallic jacquard dress in red hot red. Alice + Olivia totally have you covered this Valentine’s Day.

Buy here.

3. Hello Sunshine Pillow


Not all home decor pops come from neon greens and bright yellows, it’s all about the minimalist style for a maximizing effect.

Buy here.

4. Antler Me This Wall Decor


Don’t be afraid of a little animal detail with a lot of gold, a powerful mix and doubles as a hanger. Boom!

Buy here.

5. Poppy Art Pink by Essie


Okay so it’s not quite spring, but I’ll wear pink if I want to! Totally feeling light grey and pink, maybe with some polka dots?? Yes.

Buy here.

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1. American Stripe Indoor/Outdoor Wouf by Dash & Albert

1If you haven’t perused the Dash & Albert website yet, I strongly demand encourage you to head on over there, especially if you appreciate all things nautical and/or cute dogs. High quality rugs, furniture and accessories for your home are to be found at Dash & Albert + bonus! Free shipping!!! Done and done.

Buy here.

2. The Tube Wringer by Canoe


If you’ve ever lived with somebody, whether it be a sibling, a friend, roommate, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife- you’re going to find some very personal details out about that person. One of these personal deets is how they go about dispensing toothpaste from the tube. Seems like the variability of this task wouldn’t be too extreme, right? I mean, how many ways can you go about something so simple? In case you were wondering, many. Don’t let toothpaste differences get in the way of your cohabitation.

Buy here.

3. Swimwear

It’s never too early to start preparing for bathing suit season. Whether this means throwing out all of the cookies and candy from the cupboards, or hitting the gym hardcore. One of my favorite easy motivation techniques is to find a great bathing suit that I want to look good in. Buy it now, inspire greatness (and look hot, duh).

3aMen buy here. 3b

Ladies buy here.

4. Ping Pong Paddle Case


For the sports enthusiasts with a strong aesthetic, a Ping Pong Paddle Case by Blue Claw. Made in America, durable and stylish, what more could you want?

Buy here.

5. Gold Elephant 

5Personally, I never stop decorating the place that I live. It happens little by little but every addition/change makes your space the sweetest place imaginable. This little elephant accent figure is perfect for a mantle, book shelf or on top of a desk as the most adorable paper weight ever!

Buy here.

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Hey hey workout hotties!

This past weekend I was having a conversation with a fantastic friend of mine who does marathons and half marathons, like on the regular.. (Crazy cool, right??) I asked my bud, “how on earth did you get into running?” He looked at me like all my other fit and fab running friends look at me when I ask questions like that, like I’m cray cray…. and why wouldn’t he? Duhhh, how does anyone get into anything? You try it out, maybe you like it, maybe you don’t, but you keep trying it out, and boom you’ve created a habit, and you’re into it, and the rest is history.

His affection for running is similar to my love for spinning. I tried spinning a little over a year ago and the first class I took, 1/2 way through I thought I was going to fall over and die, in a good way.. I was sweating bullets, out of breath, and reconsidering ever coming to this class for fear I may need to step out.. but then something happened… I just kept going, and pretty soon the class was over, and I felt great. I went back a couple of days later, and a couple of days later after that and here we are today.. I’m a spinning addict.

Point is, creating a healthy habit like running or spinning is as simple as repetition.  No one starts out running 20 miles, you have to get into the habit of running in order to be great at it, but it’s there for you if you want it.

So, my challenge to you is to go out there and create a healthy habit. Try something you’ve never tried, or something you’ve always wanted to try. The benefits will outweigh any amount of discomfort mile 3 starts to feel like, I promise. ;)


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It’s Wednesday here on Everything’s A Thing, and if this is your first time visiting our little corner of the blog-o-sphere, you picked a great day to say hey! Today is another install of Let’s Talk, a reoccurring fitness post that we do several times a month to just chat it up on any and all fitness related topics!  Let’s Talk is all about personal fitness stories, workout regimens, fitness inspiration, healthy foods, and much, much more.  Keep checking back for more Let’s Talk on Everything’s A Thing and make sure to send your stories, and/or topics you’d like to hear more about here.


Today’s Let’s Talk is all about a little thing we like to call Relaxation.  Relaxation, with a capital R for mucho emphasis is so, so important.  Our lives are busier than ever, and with more and more stimulation coming at us at all times, it seems like a harder task every day to find time to just chill.  It’s our cell phones, our social media, our jobs, our social life, our tendency to never unplug that leaves us often times feeling worn out..  The key to staying on top of your energy game is finding that balance and taking time to relax.

Relaxation doesn’t always mean lying on the couch and indulging in trash TV (although that rocks sometimes too), relaxing to me is getting up and out.  I love to take the doggie for a walk, go on a long hike, bike around town, or even just take a stroll to the park to relax.  You don’t need hours to make this happen, when you feel like you’re getting overwhelmed or just need a break, just get out.

Seriously, it rocks.

Other awesome ways to relax:


-Shopping (hehe)

-Listen to music



-Dancing around your house

-Watch a favorite movie

-Turn that celly off (like for reals off, not silent)


How do YOU relax? :)

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PS- We totally have a Giveaway going on right now! Check out full details on how to enter here.


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Every fit person I know has rituals to help them stay fit.

Some leave their workout clothes out the night before to ensure they’ll get up in the morning for a run.  Others have calendars scheduling their workouts so that they may have the satisfaction of checking off a job well done.  Some turn their minds off, and just do it.. Sound odd? Let me explain..


The other day I completed another amazing kickboxing/calisthenics/plyo class with a trainer I workout with at least 1-2 times per week and finally it dawned on me why this class was so effective, because I just do it.

Before I go on, a little back story on this trainer.. This man is a lifelong athlete, and at 56 years old, his body is more fit than most 20 somethings on their best day. Not only is he toned, but he’s quick. He does jumping jacks faster than you can blink, alternating lunges with perfect form at an incredible pace and can do ab workouts/push up sequences that make me want to puke. Like, literally. Basically, he’s freaking inspirational, and I talk to him whenever I’m in need of some good info on how to be that fit and that healthy now, and later as I get older.

“Today we’re going to work out, and then we’re going to go home.”

This is how he starts each class, and every single time, this unique simplified version of what we are about to do, precludes the most awful hour to hour and a half of my day/week by far. After 10 minutes I’m sweating bullets, after 20 I’m out of breath, after 30 I’m seriously asking myself why I came and after 40 I’m in the groove.  And then, yet again, before I knew it, it’s over, and I go home.

Yes, it may sound like this man scares me or even tortures me a couple times of week, but I can honestly say, I’ve never been happier with a style of training, ever.  When I walk out of his class I feel triumphant. I know I just did something excellent for my body, therapeutic for my mind, and overcame whatever short lived challenge I previously felt.

My point in telling you all about my fantastic trainer and struggles with his ever changing, ever challenging workouts is this- when he says before we work out together, “Today we’re going to work out, then we’re going to go home,” what he is really saying is this:

-You are here, be present.

-You are capable, don’t doubt yourself.

-Stop thinking, and do.

The only person in your way of becoming the fitter, happier you, is you. Don’t over think your eating, don’t over think your workouts, just do it. Once you find the formula for your correct amount of food intake, coupled with consistent workouts, you will reach your goal weight and maintain. When you over think eating and working out, you use up valuable energy you could be using on fueling that sweaty workout ahead, so just do it.

Do it.

And then go home.

Muah! :) PS- Sorry for the missed top five last week, this was not an oversight, just busy busy as the summer comes to a close! Stay tuned for this week’s top five!! :)

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