IMG_2440 We all need a little recharge every now and then, you know, that thing called “me” time.

My “me” time comes in a lot of forms… I love to slip on comfy slippers (remember this post?), watch reality TV, avoid football AT ALL COSTS, go shopping, get lunch & read my book, light some candles, you know the drill.  Depending on my mood, it’s a variation of these things mentioned.  This past weekend, I took part in a little “me” time consisting of looking through old photos, baking, jamming out to some music, and making myself a little DIY face mask.

The best part of this mask is that it is only four ingredients, all of which I already had.

Sorry…. No, I’m not going to go to the store for 50 million ingredients and interrupt my sing along to Sweater Weather by the Neighbourhood!!! (I LOVE that song).

So here are the deets:

IMG_2438Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Turmeric, Honey and Almond Milk.

Note: You can use 2% milk if you have it, or rice milk or whatever you like, I used Almond Milk because I had it, and as previously mentioned, lazy was in full effect. By the way, use a little less than 1 tbsp of whatever “milk” you use. Mine initially came out slightly runny from the Almond Milk, I had to add more coconut oil to balance it out, and a tad more honey.

Full recipe and info found here.

If I can be really real with you guys, I left mine on for 25 minutes, and be very careful while it’s on because Turmeric is an odd mustard color and can get on your hands/shirt, etc.  When washing it off you’ll have a yellow-ish mustard face, just keep washing gently until it’s all off. To moisturize after I took about a tsp of Coconut Oil and put it under my eyes and on my forehead. After my skin was glowing and felt refreshed!

IMG_2439This is a really great, easy and relaxing little mask. Let me know if you try it! BTW- “Me” time essentials ;) :

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You know when you’re just so tickled by something and it just completely makes you uncontrollably laugh (in an ugly way)? Well that’s me, with this book club thing.  I LOVE IT.

Reading a book by myself is pretty fun, but reading a book with a bunch of ladies at the same time has to be one of the most fun things ever.  Especially when they’re amazing books.  Our first book was White Girl Problems by Babe Walker. Highly recommend! If you missed the low down on this one click here.

Our next book is…..


#GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso

Ya, as in Sophia Amoruso CEO of multi-million dollar company, Nasty Gal.

No biggy.

She’s just everything.

So, if you’re a bad @$s I think you should read w/me.  If you want to join e-mail here and voila! #ThatWasSoEasy

Oh, and a little inspiration a la Nasty Gal. ;) Enjoy!





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Hello everybody!!!

Sorry for the lack of posts the past week-ish (more like 2) weeks! As you all know very well, at times life gets a little too in the way of fun stuff like blogging! My apologies!

Halloween is a week from tomorrow. ONE WEEK!

How in the h-e-double hockey sticks did that happen?

Well, in case it has crept up on you like one of those creepy mummies in every Halloween movie you’ve ever seen, I have your party essentials covered!

BTW- Totally don’t need to actually have a party to throw a party, make sense? This year, I’m all about a small little Halloween celebration.  Think themed cocktails, scary movies, a little candy, a little snuggly time, a little dressing up my doggy and parading him around even though he doesn’t know what’s going on, type of night.

Hang with your BFF, your girl/your boy, your parents, whatever and just freaking have a ball.

1. Vintage Halloween Paper Straws

H1These cutesy straws are not only biodegradable but they are so damn adorable. I would throw a party just to use these straws, just saying.  Think a little spiked witches brew + cute vintage straws + a little spooky music. Done, done and done!

2. Black & White Swirl Pops

H2Lollipops are not just for kids this Halloween… I mean, I try to stay away from candy 99% of the time, but on Halloween, you’re allowed (encouraged, forced). ;) Try these cherry flavored pops for a cute little party accent & an end of the night treat.

3. Black M&M’s

H3There are certain things that don’t ever cross my mind.  Black M&M’s would be one of these things. Like who the f thinks to make such a thing?! People that love Halloween! That’s who. I love these to throw in a cute little skeleton bowl or a cute candy dish to add to your delicious decor!

4. Halloween Canvas

H4How adorable is this little vintage canvas with the little girl and cute cat?!? I love sweet little details for decor, without going overboard.

5. Orange Lanterns

H5I’m not sure if you know this about me, but I am always more than down for a pom pom hanging somewhere. They are so delightful and sweet, especially these orange poms for a dose of Halloween fun!


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There’s something that happens to girls when October rolls around… It happens every year. Every. Year.

We go from #EndlessSummer/loving our warm weather/eating watermelon/wearing flip flops every day to complete and utter pumpkin insanity/buying every candle there is/knitting scarves/making DIY turkeys/playing Christmas music.  Blame it on Pinterest, Target, all of my fave online shopping sites, OTHER GIRLS, whatever. Whatever the cause, we are down to get down with Fall like no other.

Yesterday was October 1, so you know what that means….



Ahem. So, YAY top five with my faveeee October snags to start this season off right!

1. Urban Renewal Overdyed Flannel Shirt, $49

Fall1There is something so incredibly sweet and comforting about a flannel shirt done right.  This classic flannel can be styled in a million ways, and I love it as a layering piece, to get you through those days that start out icy and progress to warmer temps. Buy here.

2. Whistles Nami Crop Pullover, $125

Fall2Just because it’s Fall, doesn’t mean we have to tuck away the crops.  Thou shalt wear crops, forever.  This turtleneck crop is so chic and a beautiful staple for your Fall to Winter wardrobe.  Bonus- paired with this soft winter white skirt is everything. Buy here.

3. Bianca Sweater, $68

Fall3This is the type of sweater that I swear to you, you will wear about 95 times this Fall to Winter.  I can’t get enough of the color/bell sleeves/cowl neck.  It gives me goosebumps.  Can we also just take a moment for me to be Captain Obvious here?  The first three of this top five all involve winter white. I swear I didn’t plan this, but….. White!! So chic. Buy here.

4. Pendleton X UO Reversible Poncho, $198

fall4If I had kept what I originally wrote about this poncho on the first draft, you might feel like I had just a tad too much enthusiasm for this piece.  For once (in my life, ever) I’m going to scale back and be calm about this perfect jack… because I don’t need to freak out when clothing moves me.  So, in my calm voice, I will say, that this tribal ponch is killing it in every possible way and total bonus/winner of everything moment is you will wear this a billion times this fall/winter.  Think traipsing through a river bed (pictured), or sifting through a Christmas craft fair.  I mean, it’s literally perfect. (How’s that for restrain?) Buy here.

5. Nasty Gal Fast Lane Leggings, $48

fall5Leather/black goes with just about everything you are going to wear this fall.  Pair these leggings with the Bianca Sweater (above) and a little poncho (above), and you’re perfect. Buy here.

What are your favorite fall staples?

For a glimpse into last October’s Top Five Thursdays, click here!

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This may or may not come as a surprise to all of you, but I am a bonafide, by definition, complete and total Feminist.

IMG_0844I have aligned this way since I was a child, and it has only increased in intensity, and passion through adulthood.  I have had the distinct privilege of having strong female and male roles in my life, and have felt blessed to have unwavering support and love through and through.  I was never told I couldn’t do something because I was a female.  I was never afraid to speak my mind (shocking, I know), or to be perceived as “bossy,” or a “bitch.”  Guess what, I can be a bitch, but it’s not because I am opinionated, self assured or because my voice isn’t deep like a man’s.  I can be a bitch because sometimes I just can be, and trust me when I say, men can be bitches too.

I digress.

Recently, a speech was released online, delivered my Miss Emma Watson, the rockstar of my week/life.  We all know Emma, the actress, but we don’t know Emma, the Feminist, until now.  Emma came out like a fire, delivering one of the best speeches I have heard in a very long time, all about the perceived “dirty” word, Feminism.  Transcript found here.

In college I took a Women’s Rights course, where I thought I would learn all about the history of women’s rights, the key players, and a whole lot of historical dates.  What I got, was one of the greatest courses I have ever taken, by an amazing woman (she shall not be named, but she’s incredible).

This woman, stood in front of our class two days a week, and proceeded to give us real life examples of inequality, she filled up the room with passion, calls to action, she brought in her husband to explain that he too was a Feminist.  This struck me, a male Feminist? It seemed contrary, as if men would have no interest in our inequality.  It also seemed that men often benefitted from the inequalities women suffer from.

All of the common inequalities came to mind… Wage differences, respect in the workplace, men control women, women are meant to serve men.. Seemed as though we had a lot to be bitter about, even man haters- for good reason.


This instructor schooled me on what it meant to be a Feminist.  Men and women should all be feminists, because we all have an interest in human rights.  When we free women of gender stereotypes, we in turn also free men of their stereotypes, making us all more likely to become the truest version of ourselves.

In Emma’s speech, she calls to action all men to join a campaign titled, “He For She.”  I strongly encourage each and every one of you to watch/read Emma’s speech and to take notice of this campaign.  It is a stunning representation of what we can accomplish when we unite, and what we can all gain from becoming more aware of this worldwide issue.

“If not me, who?

If not now, when?”


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