IMG_2440 We all need a little recharge every now and then, you know, that thing called “me” time.

My “me” time comes in a lot of forms… I love to slip on comfy slippers (remember this post?), watch reality TV, avoid football AT ALL COSTS, go shopping, get lunch & read my book, light some candles, you know the drill.  Depending on my mood, it’s a variation of these things mentioned.  This past weekend, I took part in a little “me” time consisting of looking through old photos, baking, jamming out to some music, and making myself a little DIY face mask.

The best part of this mask is that it is only four ingredients, all of which I already had.

Sorry…. No, I’m not going to go to the store for 50 million ingredients and interrupt my sing along to Sweater Weather by the Neighbourhood!!! (I LOVE that song).

So here are the deets:

IMG_2438Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Turmeric, Honey and Almond Milk.

Note: You can use 2% milk if you have it, or rice milk or whatever you like, I used Almond Milk because I had it, and as previously mentioned, lazy was in full effect. By the way, use a little less than 1 tbsp of whatever “milk” you use. Mine initially came out slightly runny from the Almond Milk, I had to add more coconut oil to balance it out, and a tad more honey.

Full recipe and info found here.

If I can be really real with you guys, I left mine on for 25 minutes, and be very careful while it’s on because Turmeric is an odd mustard color and can get on your hands/shirt, etc.  When washing it off you’ll have a yellow-ish mustard face, just keep washing gently until it’s all off. To moisturize after I took about a tsp of Coconut Oil and put it under my eyes and on my forehead. After my skin was glowing and felt refreshed!

IMG_2439This is a really great, easy and relaxing little mask. Let me know if you try it! BTW- “Me” time essentials ;) :


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