“With respect to athletes, to my knowledge no scientific study has ever shown that consumption of protein beyond the RDA-advised minimum (10% of daily calories) stimulates additional muscle growth or expedites physiological repair induced by exercise stress. And yet most people- the overwhelming majority of whom are predominately sedentary- generally consume upwards of three times the amount of daily protein required to thrive.”

6a00e553c23b498833013480acc117970c(Rich Roll- one of Fitness Magazine’s 25 Fittest Men in the World, and ya, he’s a vegan. NBD. Image via here.)

The other night I was out to dinner with a couple of my favorite people, and my friend asked me, “What’s your take on protein powders?”

Now, let me just preface this by saying, this friend is a man, and I know many men who use protein powders, especially after workouts because of the perpetuated myth that concentrated amounts of protein help to rebuild muscles after exercise.

I say this is a myth, because it is.

I’m not a nutritionist, but I am, to a fault, totally obsessed with learning about nutrition (which may propel me to finally just go back to school one of these days to make this a reality).

I told my friend that I don’t believe he needs to use protein powder after a workout, or ever.  I told him to swap out his protein shake for an all natural green smoothie or fresh juice.  A green smoothie would fill him up and give him tons of energy to proceed with his day.

My general thought process in regards to food goes like this: If it’s organic, and fresh vegetables and fruit- it is GOOD.  If it is prepackaged- it is BAD.

Now, this isn’t always necessarily the case, not all packaged items are bad, however most of the time they are.  The closer you can get to pure ingredients, the better you are doing for your body.  So naturally, when someone takes powdered supplements of protein, I regard it as being bad.

But, I thought I needed something more to substantiate this belief, and so I found this article:

Slaying the Protein Myth by Rich Roll

Rich Roll is an endurance runner, former competitive swimmer, wellness advocate, published best selling author, and overall a complete bad@#$. Check out his site here, and make sure you read the article here, it may convince you to change your diet- like now.

Rich also has an incredible story of his fitness journey.  He was living a sedentary lifestyle and discovered how out of shape and unhealthy he was and changed his life! See before & after photos below:


Image via here.

Rich explains in greater detail in this article how we need to find plant based alternatives to protein, and we need to kill the myth that more protein is the key to health.  In reality, the over consumption of protein leads to a variety of diseases and evidence shows the excess protein is stored in fat cells.

Ie: the opposite of what we all want.

LMK what you think!! Would love to chat on this topic!


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  1. Ganeeban says: Tuesday, August 19, 20144:33 PM

    I was just going to ask you about VEGA plant based protein. I’m not a Vegan AT ALL, I just enjoy the mouth feel of this supplement. I do take it after I lift weights, but not after a run. Thanks for posting, I’ve always wondered about this. I do take it, because it seems like it’s the best for recovery, but sadly I haven’t done my due diligence in research to really understand it. xoxo, Ganeeban

    • Miss Thing says: Wednesday, August 20, 20149:23 AM

      Hi Ganeeban!
      From my research, VEGA is one of the best, if you are going to use a supplement for muscle recovery. VEGA is predominately comprised of pea protein, hemp protein and flaxseed. It is Non-GMO and uses organic ingredients, which is great, and the company has a strong commitment to reducing their carbon footprint- very important. I think VEGA is a great choice compared to many protein powders and supplements you’ll find on the market.

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