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Today I’m sooooooo so stoked to bring to you, my newest friend, fellow blogger/foodie Tessa of the faboosh blog Handle the Heat.  Not only is Tessa currently finishing up Culinary school, she is also the author of Cookies & Cream, a drool worthy book all about making the perfect ice cream sandwich.




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Total obsession worthy.

Not only does she have all that going on, girlfriend consistently posts amazing recipes of everything definitively delicious.  Recipes like this Blackened Salmon Salad with Avocado Ranch Dressing (drool), oh and these Chocolate Espresso Macarrons (holy…), and last but not least, this Healthy Fettucini Alfredo recipe (I’m all in). If the sound of those three don’t make you do backflips all the way to your dinner table, then I don’t know what will!


I caught up with Tessa for an exclusive interview because I just had to know more about the lady behind it all and the amazing blog- Handle the Heat!


Hi! My name is Tessa Arias and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. Since 2009 I’ve written the food and recipe blog Handle the Heat where I like to feature fresh, tasty, and approachable recipes alongside everyday indulgences. I started blogging during my first year of college and realized I wanted to pursue my passion for cooking and baking. Since then I have earned my culinary degree in addition to my bachelor’s degree!

How did Handle the Heat come about? How has it evolved?

You know what’s funny is that I had started several blogs throughout middle school and high school, some I can’t even remember anymore. Some of these blogs existed in the days of dial-up internet! However, I never stuck to any of them. When I finally decided to start a food blog I knew that this was something I was extremely passionate about and would actually stick to it.  I had a notebook full of potential blog names. Many had already been taken and eventually I thought of Handle the Heat and decided to take the plunge.

Where do you find inspiration for new recipes?

Everywhere. Restaurants, magazines, cookbooks, television shows. I have a list of recipe ideas in my phone that I add to when inspiration strikes. Sometimes that’s in the middle of the night…. Yes I dream about food!


How did you learn how to cook? Advice for new chefs?

I was self taught, relying on Food Network and cookbooks, for the first years of my blog. Then I decided to attend culinary school where I received a formal education on both cooking and baking. Being a chef is hard work. It’s physically demanding, poor pay, and bad hours but if you love it then all that stuff doesn’t matter. I am more interested in pursuing the food media side of the culinary world, which is why I don’t work in a restaurant.

What is your favorite summer recipe?

Ice cream sandwiches! Which I happened to write an entire book on! (More deets here)

What is your go-to recipe on the fly?

For a quick and easy meal I will usually sauté chicken breasts and make a pan sauce. You can also do this with lean pork or seafood and you can literally make a pan sauce from anything in your fridge or pantry.

What are your five must have ingredients in every kitchen?

I love to bake so sugar, flour, and butter are ALWAYS in my kitchen. Salt is key to making almost everything taste better so I’m constantly using it. Also, I always have a high quality olive oil on hand because it is so versatile.


 Any advice for readers who may want to start a food blog?

Write about what you love and what you’re passionate about. Starting a food blog is hard work. I think it’s more work than most people realize because you’re the recipe developer, photographer, writer, editor, social media manager, and web guru all in one. The number one thing you can do to put your blog on the map is comment, tweet, email, like, instagram, etc. with anyone and everyone in the blogging community. You will learn from them and they will share your stuff with their readers.

Favorite way to relax after a stressful week?

Binge watching TV shows on Netflix is a guilty pleasure of mine that helps me to relax.

What can we expect to   see on Handle the Heat in the future? 

In the future I plan to include more recipe and tutorial videos so you guys can really see how things are done.

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