Bananas are one of my all time favorite fruits for so many reasons.  They are super packed with vitamins and nutrients, they’re sweet and delicious, AND they totally rock for your overall health.

Here’s a few quick facts to get you on the banana train thang.

-VITAMINS GALORE: For those that say- Apple A Day, they have not yet met-the nanner. Bananas have FIVE times the amount of Vit A/Iron as an apple, AND three times the amount of phosphorous.  Hollaaa.

-ENERGY FOR DAYS: Okay, maybe not literally days, but one banana packs twice the amount of carbs as an apple, giving you mondo energy to rock the socks out of your daily activities and keep you powered through your workout.

-MOOD ENHANCING: Our homie, Dr. Oz recently released an article stating  bananas are the best way to naturally lift your mood.  Don’t reach for icky chemicals like pills or processed foods/beverages, make it happen naturally with a dose of the two amino acids your body uses to make neurotransmitters- serotonin and dopamine, which help to regulate your mood. These little amino amigos help you to stay cool, calm and collected, and out of the cray stressed zone. (Who doesn’t need that?)

-LIKE A B6: Vit B6 straight to the brain, hunny babe! One banana can provide up to 1/2 of your recommended daily value of B6, and what does B6 do? GOOD QUESTION! B6 Improves cognitive functions, doyyy, meaning you’ll be remembering close to every damn thing and remaining as brilliant as ever.

-OVERALL HEALTH: Without getting too graphic with y’all here, let’s just say, bananas pack a lot of fiber, and fiber is mucho bueno for maintaining overall health, without the use of chemicals like laxatives, etc. Ahem ahem.

As you can see, bananas rock, and I keep them up for grabs at my casa, all the damn time.  My top 3 Banana Snacky Poos:

1. Banana w/1 tbsp of organic PB, honey and cinn.


I eat this every single day. This is my favorite AM snack and it never fails to give me that burst of energy I need until lunch time. Chop up a banana, drizzle honey, and sprinkle cinn. Done and done.

2. Banana Protein Smoothie


This is a great pre-workout snicky snacky to get you totally in the zone for a minimum hour to two hour session.  Toss in a couple of scoops of protein powder, a banana, spinach, maybe even some apple and a 1/2 cup almond milk, sprinkle of cinn on top. Yummmm.

3. Parfait Babe


This is the perfect breakfast option for a slow weekend morning.  A cup of greek yogurt, sliced banana, and other fresh fruit, a bit of granola and you’re good to go! Love.

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