I met Payam and Srijun of the infamous Silk Road Soda at a couple of local events recently and we became instant friends. The dynamic duo caught my attention with their welcoming presence while marketing their brand new soda company, Silk Road Soda. One taste of the “Original Mint” flavor and I was hooked. So fresh, so clean, and a soda….? Say what?? It was at this first taste that I realized Silk Road Soda was going to be a huge success.


Image via The State Hornet.

Payam and Srijun both live in the Sacramento area and met in the Sac State MBA Program. After getting to know one another over the course of the program, they applied their unique strengths to begin the journey of SRS. Payam describes each of them as being businessmen with nearly identical core values. They are not driven by “money or accolades,” but instead aim to be “businessmen with integrity and promise.”


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The idea for SRS came from Payam’s Grandmother’s recipe, who made a similar beverage for him growing up. It was important to them for the integrity of the recipe to remain- to stay pure, natural, with no artificial sweeteners, and to be a true representation of the pure Eastern drink. The first SRS recipe was built with the help of two ladies from the Venus Food Company, who helped Payam and Srijun perfect the balance of flavors, reduce the calories and make everything organic.

The quality speaks for itself- from the all-natural, organic ingredients to the fresh and clean taste. Even further, the ingredients are from California and the soda is bottled in Sonoma County, keeping SRS delightfully local.


Image via The State Hornet.

Still a relatively new company, Payam and Srijun have done a wonderful job becoming part of the local Sacramento scene, popping up everywhere from restaurants to health food stores.  Not to mention, finding an out pour of support from the community. When I spoke to Payam at length about SRS, he explained this has been the biggest surprise of their endeavor thus far- how supportive and enthusiastic the Sacramento community is. Although their journey has just begun, it is clear Sacramento is welcoming them with open arms.


Payam and Srijun were kind enough to deliver some samples to me of the three amazing Silk Road Soda flavors- Cucumber-Mint, Pomegranate-Mint, and the Original Mint. I had a ton of fun experimenting with food pairings and even throwing together a little cocktail. ;)

For the Cucumber-Mint, I paired it with an avo & egg salad over spinach. I mixed up hard boiled egg whites, an organic avocado, onion, red bell pepper, cilantro and tons of spices- cumin, paprika, pepper and dill.  The combination of the herbs and cucumber was fresh and perfect for summer.


For the Pom-Mint, I took Payam’s suggestion and tried it with pizza. It was amazing, and any excuse to eat pizza- done.

For the Original Mint flavor, I threw in some fresh mint, and mixed in a little rum for a perfect summer cocktail that was both refreshing and buzz worthy. (hehe)

If you’d like to try Silk Road Soda at local restaurants and stores, find out where to find them hereSRS will be available at all area Nugget Markets starting April 22!


Image via The State Hornet.

Now that’s, refreshing.


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