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Ladies, I can’t contain my excitement right now…. First of all, we have an amazing gift guide for all the boys out there and Swell is having an AMAZING sale right now….. 25% off SITEWIDE!!


See y’all later…

JK, I’m back. Ok, down to business! If you don’t know already, Swell is everything California lifestyle and more.  They have the best beachwear, which also transitions into nighttime flawlessly (Stone Cold Fox, For Love and Lemons, One Teaspoon, and the list goes on..) #ICANTICANTICANTICANT

So basically, if you’re shopping for him on Swell, it’s all about the rule of one for you, one (or two) for me! :) (I live by this rule).


Enter code: INSTA25 for 25% your ENTIRE order. Shipping is always free $18+. Bombtastic.

1. Date Night- Can we all agree that dressing boys up is just good old fashioned fun? Especially if you have a cute boy and he looks good in everything. If you’re looking for a little date night look for your hunny try this! It’s a little bit casual, little bit city, and a little bit hipster. Perfect for tapas!

2. Wave Rider- If he’s a beachy kind of dude, get him something he’ll use! A brand new wetsuit, this bad@$$ wet/dry backpack by Dakine and some Piss Off (hehehehahah) might just do the trick!

3. The Rugged Manly Man- Not to get all lumberjack cray on you all of the sudden but can we have a little shout out for all the manly men who love the outdoors? How could you not adore this classic flannel paired with a little camo (hello mixed patterns!!) Love!

Happy Shopping! :) Let me know what you pick up!

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Good Morning Bb’s!

Happy Thursday!! In case you forgot/are trying to ignore the holly jolly music everywhere you go.. We are only TWO little weeks away from Christmas!!! (My fave holiday ever!) I’ve been super on top of Christmas this year.  Ie: decking the halls, hanging twinkly lights, lighting yummy candles, singing carols, you know- bugging the hell out of my fam/friends.. Nbd..

Tangent- why the f do I feel like I need a bigger house every year around Christmas?! Like can I buy every decoration known to man?? Not without more storage, beezy… (This is an internal struggle).


This year I have been super duper down with online shopping.  No, I did not brave the insane crowds the day after Thanksgiving. I opted instead to shop from my iPhone, glass of wine in hand by the fire.  Sorry not sorry I’ll stay at home. For me, the deals are online and I search EVERYWHERE for them.  So in case you are not Miss (or Mister) Shop-A-Holic Online Addict (like me), I have curated some AMAZING gift guides for you this year! Over the next couple of weeks, keep checking back for info about killer sales, and my little guides to help you get this gift giving thang done!

1. Cozy Night In- For the lady who loves to pamper herself. Treat your babe to a cozy robe, adorable knee socks, sweet smelling candle, a luxe blanket and tea for one! This tea pot seriously makes me want to plan a whole weekend around it. Y tu??

2. Island Getaway- For the babe who loves to get away. Show your love that you care with a brand new figure flattering suit, boho sandals, pink shades, woven bag and ofcourse- sunscreen!! Oh, and FYI, this entire set is around $300…. Can we all say ONE STOP SHOP?! Love. As always, Swell is Free Shipping $18+, so ya…

3. Yogi Bear Staycation-
For the gal who loves her Namaste. This yoga mat is literally everything.. Combined with the perfect stretchy leggings, a funky top, the most badass gym tote ever a la Stella McCartney (dieeeeeeeeeeee, I CANNOT!!!!!!), oh- and plenty of hydration. Your yogi bear will be thanking you for ever & ever with this set!

Let me know what gift guides you want to see next!! E-mail me here or comment below!

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Merry Christmas Eve babies!!

(This hot little New York is everything)

It’s a little foggy in my corner of the world, but looking forward to a beautiful Christmas Eve! Remember my goal to not gain a pound this entire month?? Well, we are right on track! I haven’t gained a thing as of this morning, although I have been indulging here and there… Chocolate, cookies, the whole thing.. Like many others, when the little angel on my shoulder says, “don’t eat that third piece of fudge,” the devil on my shoulder says, “What?? Do it, it’s Christmas, tis the season beotch!!” I don’t always give in to the “tis the season” sentiments because I am well aware that the season doesn’t need to equal completely erasing the work you do the rest of the year.. but, today is Christmas Eve and tomorrow is Christmas, so to that I say- tis the season. Get it out of your system and then Wednesday get back on that treadmill you hot thing, you. :)

(Gingerbread, mmmm)

Yesterday was a perfect Sunday. Got up early, ate a good brek, cleaned, worked out (tons of toning work and mix of cardio), and headed to see the fam. The rest of the day was spent baking cookies, fudge, and gingerbread. Yum! I had a great time listening to Christmas music, sitting by the fire, trading stories and putting the final touches on our Christmas preparation. This Christmas Eve will likely be a quiet one. Church and dinner, maybe some Christmas lights and to bed to awake for Christmas morning. I’m always interested to hear about how families do their Christmas’… Presents on Christmas Eve? Christmas Day split between houses? Certain foods always made? I love to hear. Send me your Christmas stories, I’d love to trade some. :)

(Sugar cookies :))

I hope you all have a lovely and blessed Christmas. I am very thankful for the people in my life, the job that I have, good health, and everything in between. It’s getting better all the time.

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It tis the week before Christmas, and your girl has gotten next to nothing done! I’ve managed to pick up a couple of odd gifts but as we inch closer to that special day, gift cards and massage vouchers are looking better and better (hope those recipients aren’t reading this….I swear it was well thought out!) I’m usually great about Christmas shopping.. I get it done early, I have everything organized, but this year has just been way too busy. Good thing I’m a very experienced shopper. ;)

As for today, it is Thursday, (aka Friday) and I will keep you waiting not a moment longer.. This week’s Top FIVE!

1. Hong Chun Zhang- Twin Spirits


Hong Chun Zhang is a fantastic artist who has worked out of China and the United States. Hong’s series, titled: Twin Spirits caught my eye a couple months ago. The series consists of charcoal drawings and paintings done on larger than life scrolls to accentuate scale and impact. The paintings are self-portraits of Hong and her twin’s long hair, signifying the personal spirit of her and her sister as well as a universal woman’s complete life cycle. I love the concept and the paintings are absolutely stunning.

Image via Hong Chun Zhang.

2. Red Red Christmas


Check out this combo- red loose fit separates, a black bra and red sneaks. I love it. Love love love LOVE it. Maybe I wouldn’t parade down the street in just a bra, especially with these unsteady wind days, but hey, a girl can dream. Plus, grab a crop top and we’re good to go. I so would.

Image via Because I’m Addicted.

3. Skinny Cake Pops


I’m a sucker for cake pops. They have this magnificent way of seeming more healthy than a slice of cake and tasting even better. I found this recipe on Skinny Taste, one of my fave food blogs that always has oodles of recipes I want to try. This recipe uses greek yogurt and egg whites to lighten up the mixture. Can’t wait to try these, and at only 48 cals a pop, they are 100% guilt free!

Image via Skinny Taste.

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I simply adore the holidays. Every single one of them. I love to decorate, I love to see my friends and family, I love to dress up, I love the traditions and memories, cooking options, seasonal offerings, all of it. Just like everybody else, I love the foods that come with the holidays. I never diet, but I am committed to healthy eating and balance in my life, which includes not over indulging, even when there is a buffet of delicious home made food in front of me. I did go a bit overboard on Thanksgiving which brings me to my goal for December.. Not to gain a single pound.

Image via here.


December is the hardest month out of the year for me and many, many others, to stay on track. There are endless parties, get togethers, dinner dates, all of which have yummy appetizers, comfort foods, desserts, cocktails and various other delights- full of cals, fat and salt. To get through this wonderful month without an ounce of weight gain I’ve identified three major courses of action.

Image via here.

1. Stay with your regimen


This seems like a simple idea, don’t slack off! But it is not so easy.. If you have your days to workout, don’t skip those days. Keep at it like you’re about to be seen in a bikini, on the beach, in the middle of the day, with no towel and nowhere to hide, in front of Channing Tatum and he’s single.. Intense? Mean? Think I went too far? Maybe, but picture it. Don’t give up working out because it gets dark at 5pm, or because it’s cold, or because it’s raining, or because your dog threw up from eating a chocolate cookie you dropped on the ground (I see everything), just do it. Don’t make excuses, make time, and stick to that time for yourself. No one’s going to hold your hand. In fact, you will likely have your fam and friends convincing you it’s okay not to workout (tell them to shhh), and do it. Get dressed, make time and do it. Keeping your workout regimen will not only keep you in tip-top shape, it will make you extra on top of your game when making important dietary choices throughout this heavy month of partays. Also, who wants to be the blob at the gym the day after New Years? Not me.

Image via here.

2. Spoil Your Appetite


I’m never one to miss a party, especially a holiday party with friends and fam. I just won’t do it. I love talking and getting dressed up all too much to let that happen.. However, when you get to that party, there is going to be all sorts of cals, fat and salt coming at cha, full speed. Now you can do one of two things.. You can go hungry as a hippo and convince yourself you need those 40 tortilla chips and extra gravy, or you can eat a serving of greek yogurt with some fresh fruit beforehand and stop the crazed monster cravings. If you’re really mulling over this choice, change the greek yogurt out for some almonds, or any type of lean protein. Just don’t go hungry. If your anything like me, you have your game plan in mind, “don’t eat everything in site” then you have a glass of vino and it all flies out the window and suddenly you’re posted up next to the bean dip.. I know, hideous. Save your waistline and spoil your appetite.

Image via here.

3. Pick Your Moments


Coming from someone who has lost weight before, I know the importance of balance in your diet. In order to lose weight I have never denied myself. Just like anyone else, I love certain foods more than others, and find them difficult to give up. One of these items is peanut butter. I adore peanut butter and if it was 0 cals, I’d probably eat 1/2 a jar in one sitting (don’t judge). I still eat peanut butter, I just limit myself to a tablespoon at a time. The same concept can be applied to your holiday eating. When the big Christmas feast rolls out, have in your mind that thing you will not pass by. Mine is always the sweet potato casserole, full of sugar and marshmellows and heaven. I will not deprive myself of that one thing. However, my fam tends to make different types of meats like ham and tri-tip.. I don’t care for either, so I skip those. What I’m getting at is, don’t just go for it all, find the things that you really enjoy and are willing to indulge in, and leave the ones that are less important. Just because it’s a buffet doesn’t mean you have to try everything, pick your moments.

Image via here.

Let’s do this December! Game on.

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