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Good Morning Bb’s!

Happy Thursday!! In case you forgot/are trying to ignore the holly jolly music everywhere you go.. We are only TWO little weeks away from Christmas!!! (My fave holiday ever!) I’ve been super on top of Christmas this year.  Ie: decking the halls, hanging twinkly lights, lighting yummy candles, singing carols, you know- bugging the hell out of my fam/friends.. Nbd..

Tangent- why the f do I feel like I need a bigger house every year around Christmas?! Like can I buy every decoration known to man?? Not without more storage, beezy… (This is an internal struggle).


This year I have been super duper down with online shopping.  No, I did not brave the insane crowds the day after Thanksgiving. I opted instead to shop from my iPhone, glass of wine in hand by the fire.  Sorry not sorry I’ll stay at home. For me, the deals are online and I search EVERYWHERE for them.  So in case you are not Miss (or Mister) Shop-A-Holic Online Addict (like me), I have curated some AMAZING gift guides for you this year! Over the next couple of weeks, keep checking back for info about killer sales, and my little guides to help you get this gift giving thang done!

1. Cozy Night In- For the lady who loves to pamper herself. Treat your babe to a cozy robe, adorable knee socks, sweet smelling candle, a luxe blanket and tea for one! This tea pot seriously makes me want to plan a whole weekend around it. Y tu??

2. Island Getaway- For the babe who loves to get away. Show your love that you care with a brand new figure flattering suit, boho sandals, pink shades, woven bag and ofcourse- sunscreen!! Oh, and FYI, this entire set is around $300…. Can we all say ONE STOP SHOP?! Love. As always, Swell is Free Shipping $18+, so ya…

3. Yogi Bear Staycation-
For the gal who loves her Namaste. This yoga mat is literally everything.. Combined with the perfect stretchy leggings, a funky top, the most badass gym tote ever a la Stella McCartney (dieeeeeeeeeeee, I CANNOT!!!!!!), oh- and plenty of hydration. Your yogi bear will be thanking you for ever & ever with this set!

Let me know what gift guides you want to see next!! E-mail me here or comment below!

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Thanksgiving is OFFICIALLY one week away (WTF?!) and if you haven’t already, now is the time to start thinking about this year’s ensemble.

It seems far too limiting and slightly unfair to only include five items this week on the top five, so I have come up with five different Thanksgiving looks to get you in the mood to start styling your wardrobe now!

Oh, and if you don’t have all of these items, it will also give you time to buy for that perfect fit..

Hehehe :)

(Mouse over pictures to see pricing info and click to go directly to the item link!)

1. The Frisky Feather

This look is all glam with a little festivity in the feathers.  Take your favorite faux leather pant, pair with a simple yet interesting white tee, layer this amazing fur jacket over the top and these incredible feathered heels for $108…. Such a steal.

Perfect for: A Friendsgiving or Fancy Affair

2. The Plaid Pilgrim  

As you can see from the picture, this look is all about the plaid skirt.  This full hip hugging skirt is made for a sweet crop top like this one.  Anchor with a strong black boot and overcoat and sparkle with just the right drop earrings for an elegant touch.


Perfect for: Small intimate family gatherings

3. The Bodacious Voyager

This ensem is all boho and all sass.  Every lady should invest in a good layering dress such as this one, layer a huge, comfy sweater over the top, dazzle with a little jeweled halo and give yourself a lift with these Jeffrey Campbell heels.  Oh, and of course the bag is worth every damn penny for something so fab ($98?? Done.)

Perfect for: The Multi-Family Thanksgiving Run Around

4. The Festive Foliage

If you have not yet purchased a For Love & Lemons piece, now is your chance! The perfect fall dress, paired with a cute around the neck gold chain for a touch of glam,a soft and furry clutch for a little fun and of course, some sassy sunnies.

Perfect for: An evening celebration

5. The Meet the Parents

If this is your first Thanksgiving meeting the parents, allow me to give you a little bit of unsolicited advice: BE YOU.  Don’t dress any kind of way that they won’t see you dress like again.  Make sense? That’s not to say go with a super sheer top with your cleavage busting out all over the place (totes inappropriate), but if you want to wear something a little on the funky side (ie: a faux fur jacket, leopard print heels, even a tasteful long sleeved crop)..  I say God Bless.  They’ll love you for you, just like your partner does. :)

Perfect for: Meeting the Parents

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Too excited not to share… So remember my post yesterday on Piperlime??

Well, today is our lucky day because today ONLY Piperlime is offering 20% off your favorite brands aka these Loeffler Randall boots featured on yesterday’s post, Joie, Paige, Parker, Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade, Ella Moss, and the list goes on!!

If you need excuses to shop I have a few:

-Free Shipping

-You deserve it


-Buy the shoes


-Donate a bag of clothes, buy new clothes (completely justifiable, I do it ALL the time)..

-Early Christmas shopping



Today Only.

You’re Welcome ;)

A little inspa:



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    Good Afternoon, friends!

Hope you all had a fantastic Veteran’s Day! I kicked my day off with a little run, then spent the day shopping (duh) with a carrot juice in hand/planning all of my fun DIY projects coming up!

When this time of year rolls around I am all about cozy slippers, staying in and getting creative! Fall & Winter are about recharging your battery and getting into an awesome groove! By the way, just because it is getting dark at like 5PM doesn’t mean you have to sit on the couch the rest of the night… Get your booty in gear!  Get out for a walk with your babe (or furry babe), enjoy the cool, fresh air, and take a warm glass of chamomile tea with you OR if you’re feeling extra frisky, a little Irish Coffee (in this mug = everything)!! Sooooo relaxing (trust me).

So let’s get to the business.. Have you guys seen the new Piperlime site?!?

I’ve been a maj fan of Piperlime for years, let me tell you. Their free shipping/free returns policy is a LIFE SAVER. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve splurged on items online and got the short end of the stick when it comes to returns.. A lot of online retailers do free shipping, but not free returns, so you’re stuck paying $5-15 to ship back an item YOU DON’T EVEN WANT! What!?! Sucky, just saying. At Piperlime, it’s so easy. They even include a cute little green card inside with your packing slip already printed and ready to go- just in caseies.

Piperlime also always has bomb @$s sales.  I’m talking 15, 20, sometimes even 30-40% off sale merch and new arrivals. I. Can’t. Get. Enough.

So ya, 1/2 of my shoe collection is from Piperlime.


So this week’s top five is all about Piperlime and all of the amazing need-now essentials you may or may not need to buy like now.

1. Pim + Larkin Adriene Vegan Leather Jacket, ON SALE!!!
I understand if you are no longer reading this post because you just had a mini heart attack and are already in your cart for this coat.. I mean really, $109 for a coat you’ll wear about 169497598759 times this fall/winter is nothing. I love the Vegan Leather sleeves with the asymmetrical sweater draped in the front for the perfect relaxed style.

2. 525 America Traveling Cable Knit Sweater, $225 Babes, don’t flip on the price.  As a girl in her 20’s, I have absolutely NO misconceptions about my peers being able to afford certain items.  Unless you’re independently wealthy/married a Doctor/wtf ever, you’re probably not buying this sweater if you’re on the youngish side.  I mean, let’s be real, we’re just starting out. However, I know plenty of babes that are young hotties that will splurge on key items, the trick is finding what pieces are worth the hit to your checkbook.  Ie: the perfect shoes, a DVF dress, a Chanel bag… Pick your poison, it’s all good to me. If you’re in to invest in a sweet, timeless sweater this one is amazing. If you’re game for something a little less expensive ($64!!), try this little Pim + Larkin cable knit, also amazing.

3. Loeffler Randall Rain Fenton, $195 I will make no apologies for adding a pair of LOEFFLER RANDALL boots on the top five. At just under $200, this is splurge-worthy to the MAX.  These are edgy, chic, and who can’t justify rain boots??

4. JOA Brushed Plaid Skirt, ON SALE!!! Ok- here’s my quick guide on navigating through sales… Have you ever been at a Nordstrom’s when their Half Yearly Sale is going on?  If you haven’t, let me just paint the picture.  Think screaming babies, pushy women, eyes glazed over, women literally bumping into you left & right, men sleeping in chairs…. AKA complete utter MAYHEM (ahem #WhyIOnlineShop ahem) Pretty much, if you’re at a big sale, look at every item critically. For me, it’s just taking that extra glance and thinking, “do I love this because it’s on sale, or do I love this because I love it?” Usually my inner voice screams one way or another, and I just get freaking brutal with it. I recommend being superrrr critical with yourself when sale shopping because let’s face it, who hasn’t ended up with some FUGLY items as a result of a good sale at least once or twice in their lives? Guilty. As. Charged. This little plaid skirt for a mere $34.97 is flirty, cute, fun and perfect for work during the cooler months.  Add black tights, black booties and a cute little blouse and you’re out the door!

5. Keepsake Hearts On Fire Dress, ON SALE!!! Guys, this adorable, must have dress is on sale right now for $84.. The bustier top, the mini silhouette, this dress is the perfect date night dress for the cooler months, just throw this show stopper Fur Twill Jacket over it and you’ll be warm throughout the night.  
More of my faves from Piperlime:
P1 P2 P3 P4 P5

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Babe Walker Babe Walker Babe Walker

Ok so remember close to two months ago when we announced our new book club??

Well, the first book chosen was Pyschos by Babe Walker.

I am now finished and want to share a little fun, self-deprecating recap!!

I didn’t realize this until after beginning the book, but this was the follow up “memoir” from Babe’s first book, “White Girl Problems.”

After reading Psychos, I’m so down to read the first book very soon! (I have a few in between I need to get to first though..)

Basically, I’m not going to do a full on book recap because A- I don’t want to ruin it for you if you’re still reading and B- you can google the plot if you really want to (highly recommend reading though). ;)

I’m just going to reflect on one of my favorite themes throughout the book, the use of Babe’s alter ego “Babette.”

I freaking LOVE Babette.

Now, at first, when Babette was introduced in the book I was like WTF…. Why? So dumb/kind of annoying/over the top. But the more Babette showed up, and the more she described Babette’s behaviors I couldn’t help but dive right in to Babette’s crazy/hilarious ways. The truth is, every girl I know has a Babette side to her personality, and it doesn’t necessarily take a “Roberto” to bring Babette out.

If you’re totally playing catch up with WTF I’m talking about right now, let me just clue you in. Babette is Babe’s crazy alter ego that she snaps into when she’s around her on again/off again BF Robert.  He makes her crazy because she loves him so much, so she occasionally freaks the F out on him and does crazy ish that can only be described as the work of Babette.

I laugh/love this because women do this a lot.. We can be the sweetest, most calm, understanding, loving, nurturing women ever, and when we are pissed (for whatever the reason) flip the F out.  I blame this on many things, but my personal fave is hormones, because that sh*t is REAL.  Men have a hard time understanding hormones because they don’t have a menstrual cycle that brings their hormone levels up and down on a daily/monthly basis (TMI? IDC.) Want more info on this complex cycle? I LOVE this article from Woman’s Day explaining the different hormone levels throughout women’s cycles and what those hormones produce.

Anywho- Babette is hilarious, and I love how real the book gets (even though it’s fiction.) I could hardly complete a chapter without seriously laughing out loud and taking a moment to digest Babe’s hilarious observations. This is a must read for the girl who wants to get real with herself.

I will be announcing the next book next week! LMK if you want to join in on the fun!!

Have a great weekend!!



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