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Ladies, I can’t contain my excitement right now…. First of all, we have an amazing gift guide for all the boys out there and Swell is having an AMAZING sale right now….. 25% off SITEWIDE!!


See y’all later…

JK, I’m back. Ok, down to business! If you don’t know already, Swell is everything California lifestyle and more.  They have the best beachwear, which also transitions into nighttime flawlessly (Stone Cold Fox, For Love and Lemons, One Teaspoon, and the list goes on..) #ICANTICANTICANTICANT

So basically, if you’re shopping for him on Swell, it’s all about the rule of one for you, one (or two) for me! :) (I live by this rule).


Enter code: INSTA25 for 25% your ENTIRE order. Shipping is always free $18+. Bombtastic.

1. Date Night- Can we all agree that dressing boys up is just good old fashioned fun? Especially if you have a cute boy and he looks good in everything. If you’re looking for a little date night look for your hunny try this! It’s a little bit casual, little bit city, and a little bit hipster. Perfect for tapas!

2. Wave Rider- If he’s a beachy kind of dude, get him something he’ll use! A brand new wetsuit, this bad@$$ wet/dry backpack by Dakine and some Piss Off (hehehehahah) might just do the trick!

3. The Rugged Manly Man- Not to get all lumberjack cray on you all of the sudden but can we have a little shout out for all the manly men who love the outdoors? How could you not adore this classic flannel paired with a little camo (hello mixed patterns!!) Love!

Happy Shopping! :) Let me know what you pick up!

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Too excited not to share… So remember my post yesterday on Piperlime??

Well, today is our lucky day because today ONLY Piperlime is offering 20% off your favorite brands aka these Loeffler Randall boots featured on yesterday’s post, Joie, Paige, Parker, Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade, Ella Moss, and the list goes on!!

If you need excuses to shop I have a few:

-Free Shipping

-You deserve it


-Buy the shoes


-Donate a bag of clothes, buy new clothes (completely justifiable, I do it ALL the time)..

-Early Christmas shopping



Today Only.

You’re Welcome ;)

A little inspa:



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I have to tell you guys something.. It may come as somewhat of a surprise, maybe you weren’t expecting this from me, but….

I love shopping.


I really love shopping.

For clothes, and everything else, but mostly clothes.

I used to be one of the old schoolers who felt that shopping at a brick & mortar store was unbeatable. But now I’ve been convinced that online shopping actually can beat spending several hours at a store, debating over options, getting way too hungry because there’s no time to eat/only shop/can’t stop/now I’m dehydrated/why can’t I just grab a water/no, no rest!!

That’s my mind whilst shopping.

(Sick, I know)

So yes, online shopping DOES in fact rock b/c:

-it’s easy.

-it’s fast.

-I don’t debate as much (may not be a good thing...) ;)

-I can eat snacks and drink water (or wine— what??) while making bomb a$$ selections.

-it’s so fun.

Plus, online retailers give killer deals, my faves like Shopbop are always throwing major online sales on current styles and must haves. Check out my top five craves from the most current Shopbop sale:

1. Tbags Los Angeles Convertible Maxi

top1Remember how we discussed white? (In case you missed it, last week). Long story short, this dress is everything. I love the necklace halter. It brings that killer sexy vibe, with not a lot of fuss, and trust, when it’s as hot as it has been lately- I’m thinking no fuss/let’s go. Originally $216, Now $151 – amaze. Buy here.

2. Free People Sunset Jumpsuit (Shopbop Exclusive)

top2This is what I’m talking about when I refer to not a ton of debating going on.  How could you?  Free People makes killer styles, and this jumpsuit is no damn different.  I totally want to slip this on and go spend the day stress free, loving life. Originally $148, Now $44.40 – 70% off!!!!!! Ahhhh Buy here.

3. Blaque Label Off the Shoulder Top

top3Raise your hand if your a bad bey?  If your hand is in the air like you really don’t care, then your finger should be on the “pay now” button, as this top BELONGS in your closet.  Originally $97, Now $67.90 – total steal for a lot of style. Buy here.

4. Haute Hippie Asymmetrical Cowl Dress

top4I hope you like grey, because this dress is delivering a whole lot of yes on this side of the screen. I seriously can’t get enough of this piece, such a gorgeous, flowy silhouette and in total Haute Hippie flavor, hot without trying too hard. Originally $225, Now $157.50.  Score big, buy here.

5. Rag & Bone Peak Lapel Blazer

top5Having fitted blazers is a must, in almost every color, no joke. This one is so easy, and can be styled (as pictured) with casual jean shorts and a top, or with a dress, crop top/skirt combo, whatever you choose. Originally $550, Now $385. Total investment piece you’ll have forever. Buy here.


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