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Ladies, I can’t contain my excitement right now…. First of all, we have an amazing gift guide for all the boys out there and Swell is having an AMAZING sale right now….. 25% off SITEWIDE!!


See y’all later…

JK, I’m back. Ok, down to business! If you don’t know already, Swell is everything California lifestyle and more.  They have the best beachwear, which also transitions into nighttime flawlessly (Stone Cold Fox, For Love and Lemons, One Teaspoon, and the list goes on..) #ICANTICANTICANTICANT

So basically, if you’re shopping for him on Swell, it’s all about the rule of one for you, one (or two) for me! :) (I live by this rule).


Enter code: INSTA25 for 25% your ENTIRE order. Shipping is always free $18+. Bombtastic.

1. Date Night- Can we all agree that dressing boys up is just good old fashioned fun? Especially if you have a cute boy and he looks good in everything. If you’re looking for a little date night look for your hunny try this! It’s a little bit casual, little bit city, and a little bit hipster. Perfect for tapas!

2. Wave Rider- If he’s a beachy kind of dude, get him something he’ll use! A brand new wetsuit, this bad@$$ wet/dry backpack by Dakine and some Piss Off (hehehehahah) might just do the trick!

3. The Rugged Manly Man- Not to get all lumberjack cray on you all of the sudden but can we have a little shout out for all the manly men who love the outdoors? How could you not adore this classic flannel paired with a little camo (hello mixed patterns!!) Love!

Happy Shopping! :) Let me know what you pick up!

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    Oh heyyyyy lovely! As you know today is the most wonderful of days…. Thursday! I’m so looking forward to a cozy and fun weekend with family and friends.  It’s supposed to be all rainy and cold, so I’m gearing up for lots of layers, cooking, coffee (with Bailey’s? Say whaaa), and lots of good times. But for now…. TOP FIVE!! :)

1. Jason Wu Blue Moto


Sometimes things are so right, they are almost wrong.. This moto jacket from Jason Wu’s fantastic Resort 13 collection is so flipping right. First of all, do yourself a favor and scroll through Wu’s Resort 13 lookbook, it is hot. I love the styling, the colors and the attitude. The blue moto jacket paired with high waisted black shorts, a subtle sheen on a simple black belt, with a classic black and white striped top. It just screams “I’ve got it going on,” and this girl so does. You’ll see that look after look packs the same punch of attitude. Tons of stripes, mustard and blue leather, high buttoned collars and beautiful floral prints. So beautiful. Jason Wu, I love you.

Check out the full Resort 13 collection here.

2. Gluten Free Cooking- Mint Choc Chip Cookies


Amongst my search for all the best recipes and healthiest ways to make everything, I have stumbled upon a great site called Gluten Free On A Shoestring. The site is adorable and so much fun to click around on. I love the idea of making dishes that are gluten free, especially when they are easy. This recipe looks absolutely delectable and I can’t wait to try it, Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies. This is sure to be a crowd pleaser at any holiday party!

Check out the recipe here.

3. Javier Riera- Light and Geometry Interventions


Javier Riera is a Spanish artist who utilizes light and shapes to transpose images onto natural landscapes. The result is truly remarkable as seemingly endless natural shapes become geometric interruptions. It is a test in visual dimensions as well as manifestations of the mind. I am absolutely in awe of his work.

Image via here.

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    Today is my first offic day back from a mini-vaca I took to the California Coast the past few days, yet another reason I love living in California. Drive for less than two little hours and you’re sitting pretty by the seashore, basking in the subtle warm sunlight and day dreaming your life away. On top of the normal beauty in this coastside town, the weather was perfect. A warm 65 degrees with a very light breeze, it was as close to perfect as you can get. After all that yummy food, good wine and salt water taffy, girlfriend is back to the grind, right before the weekend, and just in time for this week’s Top FIVE!!

1. Lana del Rey’s Paradise Edition


This past Tuesday, our lovely Lana released her eight track EP, The Paradise Edition. The Paradise Edition is a continuation of her famed debut album- Born to Die. At first listen, the tracks are as layered and glamorous as Born to Die. The same sweet voice we have come to know and love hums softly through the speakers, giving us what we have been waiting for- more Lana. These songs will undoubedtly take awhile to get through to their full depths, but one thing is for sure, lovely Lana has delivered, yet again.

Image via here.

2. Filippo Minelli- Silence/Shapes


Filippo Minelli is a fantastic artist out of Italy, and his ongoing project titled “Silence/Shapes” is as interesting as it is stunning. The project captures various locations in nature throughout Europe with contrasting color in a billow of smoke. The images are visually interesting with the use of clashing images; creating beauty and appreciation, but also further imply many other ideas below the surface. The concepts can be explored singularly through each image, but all relate to the implied undertone of religious philosophies, taking us through the depths of awareness and imagination. I love this exploration through images that Filippo has created, and look forward to more of his work in the future.

Image via Filippo Minelli.

3. Apple Ring Pancakes


Yummmmmmm! If you haven’t caught on already, I am obsessed with breakfast foods.. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and consequently, I like to keep it going… all day. This is a perfect recipe to try for something fun, delicious and healthy. Core a great big apple, dip in your pancake batter and grill to pancake lovely land. This would be a great, tasty edition to your Thanksgiving brunch. Yum! PS- let me know if you have tried it, I would love to hear about your results!!

Image via Burlap and Crystal.

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