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Thanksgiving is OFFICIALLY one week away (WTF?!) and if you haven’t already, now is the time to start thinking about this year’s ensemble.

It seems far too limiting and slightly unfair to only include five items this week on the top five, so I have come up with five different Thanksgiving looks to get you in the mood to start styling your wardrobe now!

Oh, and if you don’t have all of these items, it will also give you time to buy for that perfect fit..

Hehehe :)

(Mouse over pictures to see pricing info and click to go directly to the item link!)

1. The Frisky Feather

This look is all glam with a little festivity in the feathers.  Take your favorite faux leather pant, pair with a simple yet interesting white tee, layer this amazing fur jacket over the top and these incredible feathered heels for $108…. Such a steal.

Perfect for: A Friendsgiving or Fancy Affair

2. The Plaid Pilgrim  

As you can see from the picture, this look is all about the plaid skirt.  This full hip hugging skirt is made for a sweet crop top like this one.  Anchor with a strong black boot and overcoat and sparkle with just the right drop earrings for an elegant touch.


Perfect for: Small intimate family gatherings

3. The Bodacious Voyager

This ensem is all boho and all sass.  Every lady should invest in a good layering dress such as this one, layer a huge, comfy sweater over the top, dazzle with a little jeweled halo and give yourself a lift with these Jeffrey Campbell heels.  Oh, and of course the bag is worth every damn penny for something so fab ($98?? Done.)

Perfect for: The Multi-Family Thanksgiving Run Around

4. The Festive Foliage

If you have not yet purchased a For Love & Lemons piece, now is your chance! The perfect fall dress, paired with a cute around the neck gold chain for a touch of glam,a soft and furry clutch for a little fun and of course, some sassy sunnies.

Perfect for: An evening celebration

5. The Meet the Parents

If this is your first Thanksgiving meeting the parents, allow me to give you a little bit of unsolicited advice: BE YOU.  Don’t dress any kind of way that they won’t see you dress like again.  Make sense? That’s not to say go with a super sheer top with your cleavage busting out all over the place (totes inappropriate), but if you want to wear something a little on the funky side (ie: a faux fur jacket, leopard print heels, even a tasteful long sleeved crop)..  I say God Bless.  They’ll love you for you, just like your partner does. :)

Perfect for: Meeting the Parents

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Hellooo snow babies! Happy Tuesday!! Sorry we missed ya last week, as the holidays quickly approach, time seems to slip away quicker and quicker! I’m totes positive you’ve finalized your Thanksgiving menu for this coming holiday (in two days, btw…. WTF?!??) BUT, in case you haven’t and you’ve been too cray busy and/or like to procrastinate (coughMEcough), a little recipe round up for youuuu and yours.  :)

1. Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms (Vegan)

1Recipe via Vegan Richa.

2. Shaved Brussel Sprout, Pom and Lentil Salad

IMG_7707-1Recipe via Golubka Kitchen.

3. Blackened Chicken Nachos

3Recipe via Feeding Darragh.

4. Maple Glazed Sweet Potatoes

4Recipe via Allyson Kramer.

5. Slow Cooker Spinach Artichoke Dip

5Recipe via Some the Wiser. 

6. The Boozy Maple Orchard

6Recipe via The Fitchen.

7. White Bean and Roasted Pepper Crostini

7Recipe via Daily Burn.

8. Southern Style Cornbread Dressing

8Recipe via Pink Parsley.

9. Honey, Lemon and Thyme Glazed Carrots

9Recipe via Knead for Food.

10. Salted Caramel Pie

10Recipe via What About Second Breakfast?

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   I would like to extend my sincerest love and virtual hugs on this very special day- Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a time for love, gratitutude and sharing with the people you care about most. I’m not going to dive deep in to every single thing I am thankful for, as I try to practice gratitude and reflection each day, however.. It seems fitting to say on this special day how happy and honored I am to have this little blog haven for my thoughts, recipes, fashion/styling blurbs, and all other life-related thingies. I am truly thankful for every single reader, every message I receive, every person that has tried a recipe, every ounce of feedback, kind words, and everything in between. This past year has been a year of growth and coming into my own, and it feels so good. I hope to continue expanding this little bloggy-poo and to reach more beautiful faces just like you.

That being said, I’m kicking off this wonderful day with a run before I head to the festivities. Since it is also my most favorite day of the week- Thursday, I thought I’d do a super special, super fun, Top FIVE- THANKSGIVING Edition! This week’s Top FIVE are things I totally love and can’t live without and am uber thankful for.

Hope you enjoy!!

1. One Teaspoon Jeans


Numero uno of things I am thankful for- hello, clothes. Clothes are extremely important to me and my life, and how I see the world. My enthusiasm for doing most things is directly proportionate to what clothes I get to wear while doing it. Sound odd? You have no idea.. In any case, don’t tuck away those shorts just yet pretty ladies!! This is one of my favorite trends right now- tights with shorts. This is a great way to get more mileage out of those gorg jean shorts and look caliente while doing it! Styling right now is all about using key pieces to maximize your options in your wardrobe. This trend does just that. This is insanely versatile, I mean seriously, and so hot. Throw on some tights (colored or black, I always do black), snap on your fave shorts (One Teaspoons, duh), layer a loose knit, pile on some bangles, throw that hair into a loose bun, red lip and go! Hawtness.

Image via One Teaspoon.

2. Crystal Brass Knuckles


Art. I am infinitely thankful for art. Without getting too lyrical and lame on you right now, art is life, art is everything. I happen to gravitate towards artists and ideas (and people, hi) in general that deal with conceptual contradictions. This piece by Debra Baxter is the perfect contradiction between the fragile healing powers of crystals and the harmful weaponry that is brass knuckles. On top of this piece and countless others of Debra’s being beautiful, Debra is also insanely cool. Her work deals with subtle feminism and varying techniques to make an all inclusive, structural powerhouse.

Image via Debra Baxter.

3. Cranberry Turkey Enchiladas


Turkey- my all time fave type of meat. When I was a vegetarian for years this was the one type of meat I missed, and the most torturous on Thanksgiving. Somehow eating my tofurkey next to a big plate of freshly baked and cut turkey was not the most fun. When today is over, save your left overs and get creative! I am definitely going to try this recipe- cran-turkey enchiladas. You can totally lighten up this recipe by subbing the regular cheeses for light or soy cheese, light sour cream and corn tortillas as oppose to flour. Yummmmmm. Recipe found here.

Image via Very Culinary.

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    This entire week has been a crazed dash from work to gym to commitment to work to gym to maybe a little nap time and back on it again. Whenever I have an especially busy bee week like this week, the days all seem to feel a little off and run together. Consequently, every day has felt like Thursday, except for today, which actually feels like Wednesday… but it’s not! It’s Thursday and you know what that means…

Bow chica wow wow…

This week’s Top FIVE.

1. Michelle Obama in Michael Kors


First lady Michelle Obama is no stranger to fab fits. We have seen the gorgeous Mrs. wearing every designer from Narciso Rodriguez, to Jason Wu, to Tracy Feith. Over the years Michelle has become well known for her simple but classic silhouettes, great taste and beautiful pearly white smile. So, when Michelle stepped out on election day in none other than famed fashion designer Michael Kors, ofcourse it is a drop dead ob-sessed moment. I personally love the choice for Mrs. Obama, and for good reason. First of all, Michael Kors is one of my favorite designers and I am on perma-obsessed mode over whatever he does, because he is the best. Second, it’s a silk, deep cranberry and black dress that is perfect for this fall season. The First Lady totes has the color down, as it is legitimately everywhere and so so hot. Third, the dress looks perfect on her. It is classic Michelle, as well as a classic silhouette. She stayed true to herself, her sense of style, and looked gorgeous. Well done Mrs. Obama, and congratulations on another four years. We look forward to seeing your next fab choice.

Image via here.

2. Spiced Pumpkin Martini


With November well under way, it is high time you start planning your Thanksgiving menu. Thankfully, I don’t have to host Thanksgiving yet, but I am bringing several items to the family affair. If you want to get all creative and impressive with a little cocktail action, try this Spiced Pumpkin Martini recipe. At only 140 cals, it won’t break the silent promise you made to yourself to not stuff your face like a wild beast (we all will anyways) and it’s delish! Cheers!

Image via Eat Yourself Skinny.

3. Isabel Marant Berry Boot


It is no secret, Isabel Marant is killing it right now, and I mean killing it. Her clothes are the hotness, her shoes are the hotness, her accessories are the hotness (you catch my drift). When the Berry Boot first hit the scene I think the whole fashion world collectively gasped in pure glee. What-a-boot. A stilhetto ankle boot with embroidery and classic cowboy flare.. I mean, what? Hotness.

Image via Barneys.

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    Oh hiiiii November 1st! How lovely it is to see you again! It’s been nearly (exactly) a year since we last saw eachother! I understand you’ll be slightly colder and wetter than October but hey, that’s okay.. I’m prepared! I’ve stocked up on every cold weather accessory I can think of- Fuzzy socks, cozy slippers, oversized sweaters, loose knit beanies and tons of scarves, all of my favorite teas, boots, jackets, new books, tons of candles, it’s all good. Yes November, I am ready for you in all of your Thanksgiving, family, turkey, pie, cider, fire, marshmellow (etc etc) glory. In honor of this very special numero uno day of November, I thought I’d celebrate as I often do with another install of….. Top FIVE Thursday Vibes!!

1. JasonLee Parry Photography


JasonLee Parry is a self taught photog who shoots everything from fashion to beauty to skateboarding. His style is effortless with a nonchalant fierceness that is natural and utterly stunning. Check out his portfolio and stay tuned in to his world for a seriously cool shoot he did for Globe with the talented David Gonzalez.

Image via JasonLee Parry.

2. Pamela Love Multi-Cross Necklace


Hallelujah. If you said your prayers before bed last night, I think we can agree they were answeredPamela Love (hiii you’re amazing), has created this gorgeous out of this world, to die for piece. I would plan a whole vacation, heck, a whole year around this necklace, it’s that beautiful. Feel free to gawk at this amaze piece, I know I did.

Image via Vogue.

3. Furla Candy Bag


A craftsman style satchel in neon pink pvc? Can I get a heck yes?? I know what you’re thinking, hot pink for fall/winter?? Whaaaaa? Yes ya’ll, it’s happening. Your fall/winter season does not have to be all hum drum blacks and blues, let’s pop it up with a little neon and brights. Don’t be scurred.

Image via Furla.

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