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Good Morning Bb’s!

Happy Thursday!! In case you forgot/are trying to ignore the holly jolly music everywhere you go.. We are only TWO little weeks away from Christmas!!! (My fave holiday ever!) I’ve been super on top of Christmas this year.  Ie: decking the halls, hanging twinkly lights, lighting yummy candles, singing carols, you know- bugging the hell out of my fam/friends.. Nbd..

Tangent- why the f do I feel like I need a bigger house every year around Christmas?! Like can I buy every decoration known to man?? Not without more storage, beezy… (This is an internal struggle).


This year I have been super duper down with online shopping.  No, I did not brave the insane crowds the day after Thanksgiving. I opted instead to shop from my iPhone, glass of wine in hand by the fire.  Sorry not sorry I’ll stay at home. For me, the deals are online and I search EVERYWHERE for them.  So in case you are not Miss (or Mister) Shop-A-Holic Online Addict (like me), I have curated some AMAZING gift guides for you this year! Over the next couple of weeks, keep checking back for info about killer sales, and my little guides to help you get this gift giving thang done!

1. Cozy Night In- For the lady who loves to pamper herself. Treat your babe to a cozy robe, adorable knee socks, sweet smelling candle, a luxe blanket and tea for one! This tea pot seriously makes me want to plan a whole weekend around it. Y tu??

2. Island Getaway- For the babe who loves to get away. Show your love that you care with a brand new figure flattering suit, boho sandals, pink shades, woven bag and ofcourse- sunscreen!! Oh, and FYI, this entire set is around $300…. Can we all say ONE STOP SHOP?! Love. As always, Swell is Free Shipping $18+, so ya…

3. Yogi Bear Staycation-
For the gal who loves her Namaste. This yoga mat is literally everything.. Combined with the perfect stretchy leggings, a funky top, the most badass gym tote ever a la Stella McCartney (dieeeeeeeeeeee, I CANNOT!!!!!!), oh- and plenty of hydration. Your yogi bear will be thanking you for ever & ever with this set!

Let me know what gift guides you want to see next!! E-mail me here or comment below!

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There’s something that happens to girls when October rolls around… It happens every year. Every. Year.

We go from #EndlessSummer/loving our warm weather/eating watermelon/wearing flip flops every day to complete and utter pumpkin insanity/buying every candle there is/knitting scarves/making DIY turkeys/playing Christmas music.  Blame it on Pinterest, Target, all of my fave online shopping sites, OTHER GIRLS, whatever. Whatever the cause, we are down to get down with Fall like no other.

Yesterday was October 1, so you know what that means….



Ahem. So, YAY top five with my faveeee October snags to start this season off right!

1. Urban Renewal Overdyed Flannel Shirt, $49

Fall1There is something so incredibly sweet and comforting about a flannel shirt done right.  This classic flannel can be styled in a million ways, and I love it as a layering piece, to get you through those days that start out icy and progress to warmer temps. Buy here.

2. Whistles Nami Crop Pullover, $125

Fall2Just because it’s Fall, doesn’t mean we have to tuck away the crops.  Thou shalt wear crops, forever.  This turtleneck crop is so chic and a beautiful staple for your Fall to Winter wardrobe.  Bonus- paired with this soft winter white skirt is everything. Buy here.

3. Bianca Sweater, $68

Fall3This is the type of sweater that I swear to you, you will wear about 95 times this Fall to Winter.  I can’t get enough of the color/bell sleeves/cowl neck.  It gives me goosebumps.  Can we also just take a moment for me to be Captain Obvious here?  The first three of this top five all involve winter white. I swear I didn’t plan this, but….. White!! So chic. Buy here.

4. Pendleton X UO Reversible Poncho, $198

fall4If I had kept what I originally wrote about this poncho on the first draft, you might feel like I had just a tad too much enthusiasm for this piece.  For once (in my life, ever) I’m going to scale back and be calm about this perfect jack… because I don’t need to freak out when clothing moves me.  So, in my calm voice, I will say, that this tribal ponch is killing it in every possible way and total bonus/winner of everything moment is you will wear this a billion times this fall/winter.  Think traipsing through a river bed (pictured), or sifting through a Christmas craft fair.  I mean, it’s literally perfect. (How’s that for restrain?) Buy here.

5. Nasty Gal Fast Lane Leggings, $48

fall5Leather/black goes with just about everything you are going to wear this fall.  Pair these leggings with the Bianca Sweater (above) and a little poncho (above), and you’re perfect. Buy here.

What are your favorite fall staples?

For a glimpse into last October’s Top Five Thursdays, click here!

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Just because summer is seemingly coming to a close, doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to the carefree, sunny vibe.  Tons of retailers are stocking cold weather gear but I’m ready to say- no way!! This will not stand, man.  Let’s keep this thing going.  Time to refresh your summer wardrobe/home/life just one more time with some key pieces that will carry you through to the next season!


1. Holli Zollinger Arrow Throw

topf1This is THE crossover piece for your home, this throw is carefree like summer with a little warmth.  I love the little design in black & white, it goes with everything and adds just a touch of boho flare. Buy here.

2. Free People Rajah Flat

topf2This summer I’m all about interesting flats for those days when you’re hopping around so much, heels just don’t cut it.  I adore these tapestry flats for crossover months because let’s face it, bare toes are coming to an end, but cutouts don’t have to. Buy here.

3. Antik Batik Orea Scarf

topf3Scarves are my BFF, seriously. I can’t get enough. This scarf has the beautiful white that I am craving lately, with beautiful embrodiery for interest.  Wear this over a tank in the summer, and layer with a light coat in the winter. Buy here.

4. Reason Floral Snapback

topf4The epitome of endless summer- the classic snapback.  Grab this floral piece for an island vibe without even trying. Buy here.

5. Pep Up Top 

topf5Peplum is non-stop hot, forever. This one will carry you from summer to winter white. Buy here.

What are your favorite crossover pieces?? Share!

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I have to tell you guys something.. It may come as somewhat of a surprise, maybe you weren’t expecting this from me, but….

I love shopping.


I really love shopping.

For clothes, and everything else, but mostly clothes.

I used to be one of the old schoolers who felt that shopping at a brick & mortar store was unbeatable. But now I’ve been convinced that online shopping actually can beat spending several hours at a store, debating over options, getting way too hungry because there’s no time to eat/only shop/can’t stop/now I’m dehydrated/why can’t I just grab a water/no, no rest!!

That’s my mind whilst shopping.

(Sick, I know)

So yes, online shopping DOES in fact rock b/c:

-it’s easy.

-it’s fast.

-I don’t debate as much (may not be a good thing...) ;)

-I can eat snacks and drink water (or wine— what??) while making bomb a$$ selections.

-it’s so fun.

Plus, online retailers give killer deals, my faves like Shopbop are always throwing major online sales on current styles and must haves. Check out my top five craves from the most current Shopbop sale:

1. Tbags Los Angeles Convertible Maxi

top1Remember how we discussed white? (In case you missed it, last week). Long story short, this dress is everything. I love the necklace halter. It brings that killer sexy vibe, with not a lot of fuss, and trust, when it’s as hot as it has been lately- I’m thinking no fuss/let’s go. Originally $216, Now $151 – amaze. Buy here.

2. Free People Sunset Jumpsuit (Shopbop Exclusive)

top2This is what I’m talking about when I refer to not a ton of debating going on.  How could you?  Free People makes killer styles, and this jumpsuit is no damn different.  I totally want to slip this on and go spend the day stress free, loving life. Originally $148, Now $44.40 – 70% off!!!!!! Ahhhh Buy here.

3. Blaque Label Off the Shoulder Top

top3Raise your hand if your a bad bey?  If your hand is in the air like you really don’t care, then your finger should be on the “pay now” button, as this top BELONGS in your closet.  Originally $97, Now $67.90 – total steal for a lot of style. Buy here.

4. Haute Hippie Asymmetrical Cowl Dress

top4I hope you like grey, because this dress is delivering a whole lot of yes on this side of the screen. I seriously can’t get enough of this piece, such a gorgeous, flowy silhouette and in total Haute Hippie flavor, hot without trying too hard. Originally $225, Now $157.50.  Score big, buy here.

5. Rag & Bone Peak Lapel Blazer

top5Having fitted blazers is a must, in almost every color, no joke. This one is so easy, and can be styled (as pictured) with casual jean shorts and a top, or with a dress, crop top/skirt combo, whatever you choose. Originally $550, Now $385. Total investment piece you’ll have forever. Buy here.


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“I’m grown up, but I’m not like a grown up. I mean, I wear a turtle neck, but I don’t wear a beige turtle neck.”

If you haven’t checked out Candidly Nicole featuring the Queen Nicole Richie, I highly recommend. Hilarity at its finest. Beyond that, not sure if you’ve heard, but it’s most def summer, and I’m totally in love with the weekends.  Think twinkle lights, slow dinners, big salads, golden ales, nude open toed shoes and pink nails. Oh, and btw, huge sunnies, gold jewels, big rings and top knots. Totally in LOVE with this season. Wish it could never end.

Here are my top faves for this weekend, pick up a few and let’s get on this summer vibe together.

1. Turning Up Sweatshirt

Top1This is quite possibly the most amazing thing I’ve seen, ever. Or at least this week. I’m thinking throw this on over those white shorts in the evening for a chill backyard BBQ, or straight up be the hottest bey showing up to morning yoga.

2. RVCA Rosy Fruits Fedora

Top2I’m not opposed to completely styling a look around this hat, because it’s that versatile, and that chic. Let’s walk through these scenarios. First- bike around town with your fedora, FREECITY Nature white tee and patterned shorts. Keep it simple and sweet for this casual morning ride.  Saturday night out to your favorite urban restaurant with your ladies, style with a chic all black ensemble, black shoes (on sale right now-FTW), all monochromatic with a touch of gold jewelry.  Now, let’s take this baby poolside for your Sunday morning homemade brunch. You’ll feel sexy and sweet in your bikini, ultra comfy and hot kimono (flawless, btw), Cynthia Vincent sandals and duh- your fedora. #Obsessed

3. Kimchi Ruffled Dress

top3This dress I stumbled upon while online shopping (I know, shocker). It delivers all that you could ever want in a fun and flirty, summer approved sundress. It’s straight up floral pattern satisfies my femme side to the max, and let’s be real the price tag is an easy no brainer. Into the cart you go! :) Buy here.

4. Arlo Destroyed Boyfriend Jean

top4I love that we have some how taken the love for jean in the 90’s (ie: high waisted/low waisted, boyfriend, distressed), and ended up in 2014 with the DESTROYED boyfriend jean from Free People (free shipping over $100, with these jeans you’re already there. Done & done). It’s relaxed, it’s sexy, and it’s hanging low. I love this because a lot of different body types could pull this off. It’s relaxed enough to be dressed up or dressed down, and it’s totally sexy. Buy here.

5. Mesh Skirt

top5Forget what you’ve ever heard about white, it’s so bad@$s, I can’t even explain.  I have white dresses, white shoes, white pants, white shorts, and I will wear them in winter, spring, summer, fall. (Zero you know what’s given). This skirt is literally the only piece you need to start your white collection, if you haven’t already. Pair with a black crop OR go monochromatic because let’s face it- hot. Buy here.

Have a great weekend babes! Let me know your favorites from today and what you have planned for the weekend!


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