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So, guys… I have something major to share with you.  For all of you Netflix lovers out there, this is a watch now, as in TONIGHT, type deal.  It will change your life.  The documentary titled, “Hungry For Change” is so incredible, and literally will change your paradigm on dieting, your health and your life, forever.  If you’ve already seen it, please chime in, I love to discuss this stuff.  Like, send me an e-mail or comment below.

Basically this documentary is a real life glimpse of what Americans eat, why they eat it, what it does, and how to improve and know what your body needs.  The experts in the film used to be 200, 300, 400 lbs themselves, and they completely changed their lives once they became educated on food and health.  68% of Americans are overweight or obese. This film uncovers why and how we can change this.

If you’ve been with me on this blog for awhile, you know that I am a huge proponent of NOT dieting, ever. I do not diet, I’ll never diet again.  I don’t believe in any of the “diets” out there, from Weight Watchers to Atkins to the Zone, whatever, they’re all bogus to me.  Why? Because diets are only temporary.  If you’re looking to permanently change your life, you have to become educated on what causes weight gain, what foods do what to your body, and how to eat for your optimum health.  Plain and simple, you will not be the healthiest, happiest version of yourself eating processed foods, sodas, packaged foods, whatever. There is no escaping it, these chemicals will cause mass weight gain, a variety of cognitive issues, malnutrition and disease throughout your body.

My favorite takeaways from the film:

-Dieting causes people to feel deprived, with the attitude, “I can’t have it but I want it.”  Not dieting but becoming educated on what your body needs causes people to say, “I can have it but I don’t want it.”  This paradigm shift makes all of the difference in lasting weight loss and overall improved health.

-It’s  simple, once you become educated on what humans are supposed to eat, you add those foods into your diet, start to eat more organic fruits and vegetables, take notice of ingredients.  You keep adding in the good stuff, and it will crowd out the bad.  Once you start to feel better from this diet, seeing rapid weight loss, you’ll never want to go back.  Once you feel better, you’ll realize the other choices are no longer valid.

-Don’t manipulate your diet. Ie: No carbs, low fat, no meat, no dairy, just eat real unprocessed foods, it’s that simple.

-To detoxify your body eat a ton of greens, vegetables, chia seeds, parsley, cilantro, water and you will feel yourself letting go of the many toxins you’ve been accumulating in your body.  Get outside, take a walk, exercise, you will feel happier and healthier within days.  Oh, and JUICE!!! Major, major proponent of this. I use this one and love it.  Remember this recipe??

-Visualization is a HUGE part of weight loss.  One man spoke about when he was 300+ lbs, he visualized himself every day at a healthy weight.  He closed his eyes and visualized himself walking in the sun, running, smiling, out with friends, in nice clothes, all of these visualizations speak to your subconscious mind.  Keep visualizing yourself this way every single day, do it when your body is calm, your mind is calm, relaxed and your subconscious mind will begin seeing you that way, it becomes an intense motivator and it no longer seems like such work to reach this reality.

-Basically, getting to your goal weight, getting rid of disease, and feeling your absolute best can be done with three steps (in conjunction with healthy eating). 1. Sleep (get tons of it). 2. Exercise, get outside in the sun, biochemically this is everything. 3. Humor. Humor is known to improve stress, improve immunity, and decrease pain.

Let me know if/when you watch this. Again, highly recommend. I love learning more about this topic and would love to see everyone just as inspired as I am by this!!



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