Are you ready for your mind to be blown?

Like full on, life may never be the same/how is this not in my weekly routine/can we make this a cocktail recipe/the answer is yes/all day every day/I live and love this so much?!?

That may or may not make sense, but in any case- WATERMELON JUICE!!


So here’s the dealio with watermelon. It’s amazing. It’s summer. It’s everywhere. It’s cheap, healthy and easy to find. TOTAL no brainer, right?? Totally! Cut to me eating way too much and getting a stomach ache… Ewwww, no good. But then, I tried watermelon juice. As in, I went to the store, I bought a watermelon for like $3, cut it in half-sies at home, scooped it into the blender, added some lime juice and drank that s*%t like it’s going out of style, and shocker…… no tummy ache.


But why!? Juice, that’s why. Juice absorbs into your body quicker than whole foods. Your body doesn’t have to work nearly as hard to break down the food to convert it to nutrients, so…. hello quicker absorption!

Watermelon is not only delicious, but surprise!! Nutritious. It’s 90% water, so a natural diuretic, which helps you to feel less bloated, and flushes out all the nasty toxins in your body (great for hangovers too, btw.)  Watermelon is a nutrient powerhouse full of Vitamins A, C, and B6. Oh, and game changer of my life/newly acquired fact: watermelon eases sore muscles!!!!



Watermelon is chalk full of the amino acid L-citrulline which aids in circulation and helps to relax blood vessels. It’s been proven to help athletes to recover from long runs, bike rides, and other strenuous activities to drink a glass of unpasteurized watermelon juice before partaking in their activity.

So! Watermelon juice it is, forevs.

BTW- add a couple of limes, thank me later.


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