Do you ever have that moment where you’re just like, “I want to do this.. I don’t know how to do this.. but I’ll do it anyway, because– why the f not?!?

Well, I had that moment to the fullest extent LAST NIGHT.

I’m talking less than 14 hours ago.

It was, “AHA!” Fireworks went off and I suddenly became more excited than ever, for my newest idea…

So WTF am I talking about?

A BOOK CLUB!!!!!!!!!!
I don’t really know what it takes to start a book club, I’ve never officially been a part of one, but I assume it goes like this:

1. Decide to start a book club.

2. Tell people about it.

3. Get those people to say “yes” to reading (convince/force).

4. Read at a similar pace (make benchmarks).

5. DISCUSS/LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT. <————- most important part!

So, that’s my model for the book club.


Perks of the Everything’s A Thing Book Club Membership include:

-It’s very official.

-Hilarious reads (I’ve already picked the first book but you can tell me what you want to read next. Must be GOOOOOOOOOOD).

-We can talk about all of our lovely thoughts/feelings about our book.


Ok, hopefully you’re convinced.


The first book is…. Babe Walker’s “Psychos.” Buy here, and read through chapter 1 (you’ll fly through this chapter 1, just want to give everyone time to order the book).  BTW- Make sure you e-mail me and let me know if you’re participating!!


Hope you babes are as excited as me, clearly this is my best idea ever.



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  3. Maike says: Sunday, November 16, 20149:25 AM

    As a follow up to this, you might want to share your reievws on the Amazon or Barnes and Noble sites under product reievws . Authors love to have their books reviewed on these sites it’s good for the author as well as the potential book buyer.

    • Miss Thing says: Monday, November 17, 20143:46 PM

      Thanks Maike!

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